a unique approach

Exploring ideas and sharing your vision.

Working within your budget.

Realistic pricing.

Go shopping to see and touch.

Quality craftsmanship.

Personal after sales service.

Pride in the job.


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how we work

Our unique way of working enables you to achieve your overall vision ...

exploring ideas

We visit you to discuss what you have in mind, measure up and draw up an outline plan.

Share interior design ideas
  • Sharing your vision. Working closely together we can explore ideas to bring your vision to life, examine options and styles which are very personal.
  • Working within your budget. We understand that budgets vary and can reflect this in the solutions we propose. In most cases we present a base cost with a number of costed options for you to consider.
  • Realistic pricing. Our overheads are low and we reflect this in our pricing. Through this we can give you great value for money to achieve your vision at a reasonable cost.
  • Existing relationships. We recognise you may already have existing relationships with other designers or architects and we are happy to work with them. Alternatively we can engage our own designer or architect; however in many cases this may not be necessary.

go shopping!Choose colours and finishes for your room design

We take you shopping ... beats browsing through the catalogues.

  • See and touch. There is nothing like seeing and touching to sense what the final effect will be like.
  • Colour coordination. Bring along colour samples to see how the design elements work together.

design and install

We bring your vision to life.

  • Finalise the plan. Identify all the finishes, appliances, fittings and accessories and the final budget.
  • Installation and finishing. Moving walls. Installing plumbing, heating, gas or electrical fittings. Installing floors, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living area features. Applying the finishing touches.
    We do it professionally and with minimum disturbance to you and your neighbours.

after sales

We pride ourselves in personal service and are available should you need us.


Why not call us to discuss your ideas and let us see how we can turn them into reality?