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Master bedroom.

Guest bedroom.

Young lady or man's bedroom.

Teenager's bedroom.

Child's bedroom.

Maximise storage and floor space.


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Image Interiors Design bedroom design and installation services

bedroom design

Looking for bedroom design ideas? We have lots of experience in designing the layout of bedrooms to give the optimum storage space whilst maintaining sufficient flooring to make the room spacious.Image Interiors Design bedroom design and installation services

Firstly, who will use the bedroom?

  • A room for a couple?
  • A guest bedroom?
  • A room for a young lady or a young man?
  • A child's bedroom?


  • Will you want to use it for reading, possibly watching TV, listening to music or even working?
  • Will you need to use it for dressing or do you have a separate dressing room?
  • Do you have an en-suite bathroom and will you be updating that at the same time?

Finally, storage. There can never be enough storage! Storage solutions are dependant on needs; suits or dresses need plenty of long hanging space, whereas shirts and blouses can be interspersed with shelving. Shoes require racks and just about everything else requires drawers.

We can design and build bespoke walk-in and normal wardrobes, cupboards and shelving that will fit even the most awkward bedrooms; slanting ceilings, chimney breasts and unusual shaped nooks and crannies. We have a solution for them all.


So whatever style of bedroom you are looking for give us a call to discuss.