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Select colours in your own home.

Right paint for the job.

Rag rolling, graining or marbling.

Wall coverings.

Preparation is everything.


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Image Interiors Design painting and decorating service

painting and decoratingChoose your paint and colour scheme with Image Interiors Design

Looking to freshen up one or more of your rooms?

Need help in selecting the best wall paper and paint to colour co-ordinate your room?

We have lots of experience in working with clients to select the right paint or wall paper finish to decorating their homes. The most important aspect is to see how the colours and finishes work in your own home against existing décor and under differing lighting conditions.

We will advise on the correct type of paint, liquid gloss, satinwood, eggshell, polyurethane gloss, silthane, vinyl matt, satin or silk depending on the room and type of finish required.

Once the materials are selected we will:

  • Calculate how much paint or wall covering is needed.
  • Prepare the surface.
  • Mix paint to the right shade, by hand or by computerised colour-matching equipment.
  • Apply regular or specialist paint finishes such as rag-rolling, graining and marbling.
  • Paper on to plaster, plaster board or lining paper.
  • Tidy up after finishing a job.


So if you would like us to create you a look you'll love, give us a call.