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Image Interiors Design interior space planning service

space planning

House feeling cluttered? Been hoarding 'stuff'? Improve your space utilisation!

Why not use our extensive experience and invite us to propose some innovative ways to give you more interior space and additional storage?

We think in three dimensions.Image Interiors Design interior space planning service

  • Most unused space in a home is above your existing furniture, for example, floor to ceiling bookcases and shelving provides tall, shallow storage which will give you more floor space.
  • Tailor-made cupboard interiors can have drawer organisers to break up the available space, dividing your things into organised groups.
  • Alcoves, bay windows, under the stairs, are a few spaces in most homes that are underutilised. Could the area under your stairs house cupboards or a home office with desk and shelves? Could an alcove house shelves for CDs, DVD and books? What about a window seat with storage beneath in your bay window?
  • Kitchen. Ergonomic designs, additional working areas, improved storage and space utilisation.
  • Bathroom. Redesign to replace a bath with shower or wet room, additional shelving and cupboards.
  • Living space. Removal and/or repositioning of walls, windows, fireplaces and staircases.


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